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Onward is a real estate project launching in 2020 offering townhouses targeting modern, millennial families. Without a name and a construction site, we took on the challenge to create a brand that integrates the emotional new beginnings of moving into a new home with classy comfort. 


Kadium Development


Real Estate


Vancouver, BC


Brand Identity/ Website


Logo/ Color Palette/ Illustrations/ Business Cards/ Stationary System


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The Challenge

How can we help development companies like Onward to incorporate our design process in the early stages to benefit future communication and marketing with their target audience? How can we brand a real estate that appeals to the target audience and stands out amongst the fierce real estate market in Richmond, BC?

The Solution

Rigorous Market Research + Persona Research

We looked at Onward’s competitors, location, surroundings, environment, and pricing to help define their market position. Our research shows this townhouse community is best suited for modern, millennial families, so the design strategy and branding direction focused on appealing to adults looking for contemporary, accessible communities that are affordable.

Design + Collaboration

We collaborate with interior designers, photographers, and architects to create an overarching look and feel that all stakeholders are proud and excited to share with the community. Co-ordination benefited us in many ways, and during this process, we keep an open-mind because experts bring in new insights and nuances. This phase brought many challenges to the table, however, it only inspired us to solve problems creatively.