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Sienne is a jewelry brand for working professionals who value simplicity and style. The brand colours were influenced by Italian still life painter Morandi. The muted and dusty tones are a signature Morandi style which complements the Normcore style jewelry. The overall brand suggests sophistication, contemporary and timelessness.


Retail/ E-Commerce


Brand Identity/ Shopify Development


The Challenge

How can we create a fresh and versatile brand with a sophisticated yet limited palette? 

The Solution

Asymmetry played a big part in our layout design, especially the website. Using Helvetica Neue as the main typeface suggests a unique timelessness. Product photography also contributed to the success of the brand. An off-white background connects product photos and model photos across instagram, facebook and the ecommerce website. We also kept the design and layout extremely minimal, steers clear of over decoration and colour to put emphasis on the jewelry. Sienne received love from all round the world reaching 300k accounts weekly on instagram. 

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