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The founding team launched an e-commerce clothing and accessory brand focusing on statement streetwear for teenagers and young adults. The brand aims to reflect its product – a strong sense of personality and a heavy influence from the 80s and 90s pop art culture. 

The Challenge

Finding a unique position in a crowded fashion market. It’s a small budget restricted typical marketing approaches — well-known online influencer and advertisement.

The Solution

We found a way to break through — create an eye-catching brand identity. We bring a juxtaposition of colour and collages to create a vintage yet vibrant personality and style. The expression icon set is derived from its wordmark and utilized across all platforms. We paired bold statements and clever copywriting designed specifically for the target market.

The Result

Given the young target market, we selected instagram as the main advertising funnel. We used strong colours, unique graphics, and clever copy to stand out from the visual noise of their instagram feed. The strategy was a success! Unclench’s CPM (Cost per Thousand View) was lower than $3, which is below the industry average of $10. We also reach 1M accounts on instagram every week and generated more than $10,000 in revenue last month.

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